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Fabulous Abs - Lose Your Gut

Finding that perfect path to a flat tummy seems always just so unattainable. But I assure you, with the right program, dedication, diet and exercise you can loose the flab hiding the muscles in your mid-section. If you want a full program with detailed menu plans and exercise I encourage you to pick up the bookThe Abs Diet for Women, read it cover to cover then challenge yourself to that fit and fantastic physique you deserve. In this blog post I am going to detail theAbs Diet Guidelines in 6 Steps.

Getting the Skinny on Obesity

I came across this wonderful article discussing metabolic syndrome and the truth behind what causes obesity. Below I will share some of the highlights and my insights on the discussion.
Lack of exercise and excessive calories ARE NOT the reason why people get fat. One of the greatest dogmas of deciet in the health industry is that "a calorie is a calorie" this is simply not true. Obesity is not the end result of eating too much and exercising too little. If you are truly working to keep your weight down and care about your health you deserve to know the truth about calories and how substances in your body can distort how calories are working in your body.

Rethinking Your Fridge for Weight Loss

Hi there,
I got the idea for this post from some recent changes I have been making to my own diet. I am about 17 weeks into my first pregnancy and making healthy food choices is not just for me anymore but also for our baby. I have included some of the tricks I have used with clients for years and some of my own through various studies and reading to optimize good food choices. I hope you enjoy and use these strategies for your own success.
Rethink Your Fridge
 The first step to making diet changes that will last, is to rearrange the first offender, your fridge.

2012 Weight Loss Tips

Best Weight Loss Tips for 2012
I cant go a day without having someone ask me about weight loss. What to eat/not eat, drink, some even realize exercise must be part of the equation. Other come to see me for their colonics and expect a magical wand of weight loss to be waved. As we all know, that doesn't happen Yes you can lose weight during a colonics. I personally lost 5 lbs and 3" from my mid-section on my last colonic. Of course I have been totally backed up since my vacation. This weight loss was maintained, but that is because my diet and hydration is also a priority and I include some fitness/activity into every day.

Does the Cafeteria Diet contribute to Obesity?

Investigators are always searching for the cause of the obesity epidemic. There is a simple place to look when determining where diets become undermined, and from an early age. The greatest contributor to teenage and adult obesity is something that can be easily called the "cafeteria diet".
The Cafeteria diet is composed of mostly processed foods, fried food, processed meat products, dairy products, white flour or white pasta and sugars. Very rarely is the caf diet centered around fresh vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, beans, and fruit.

Did waiting kill Steve Jobs?

Today's post is more of a commentary on media exploitation, for their own selfish purposes. I was watching the news this morning with my husband, and heard a story regarding Steve Jobs and his choice in cancer care. As many of you know Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple Computers, truly a pioneer and visionary in the technology field. He was well respected and highly revered in his industry, and of course known as a brilliant man with a large heart. Steve Jobs passed away October 5, 2011, of metastatic pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer.
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