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Learn Your Body Type for Weight Loss

How Your Body Type Influences your Shape & Weight
Most people struggle with their weight. The struggle is generally surrounded around food. You can try any and every diet out there; but if you are not eating the right foods to support your body type, then your attempts will inevitably fail.
Now I probably have you intrigued as to what, how and why knowing your Body Type will make all the difference in your weight loss, lifestyle world. Let me assure you this will not only rock your world, but make weight loss a reality for you. A reality that will last, of course you have to make the changes a commitment for life.
No one ever explains why a diet works, when it does, or why it fails for most of those who try it. The Body Type Diet answers these questions. Body Type Dieting is not just another fad to peel away pounds. It is a systematic program relating different types of diets to different types of bodies, in order to enable each individual to find the diet that will be effective, safe, and healthy for him or her.
A Body Type is a type of metabolism.  We can recognize your Body Type based on your  shape, because each Body Type has a its own special shape. But your Body Type has a more important reality. In fact, your shape is a signal of the type of metabolism you have. Mastering your metabolism is how you master you perfect weight and shape.
The Four Body Types:
The Gonadal Type (G - Type) - Small waist and saddlebags on the outer thighs. Almost all extra weight is in the behind. The stomach remains relatively flat, and the lower back appears swayed. At the best weight a G-type woman's body is slender and petite up top with pronounced hips and a proportionate rear. The G-type woman will never have a flat rear; but will not have saddlebags or a large rear at her best weight.
The Adrenal Type (A - Type) - Straight,sturdy body lines, square face, and large breasts. Straight back, flat tucked-under rear, extra weight sits mainly in the tummy and front of the body. Looks thick throughout her body. At her best weight the A-type woman has a strong athletic physique, full figure and shapely thighs with a trim stomach.
The Thyroid Type (T - Type) - Will hold extra weight on thighs and upper hips, curvy waist, and tapering lower arms and legs. Rounded but not pronounced rear end, fat on her stomach, mainly below the navel. At her best weight the T-type woman has a curvy torso, long legs and delicate facial features. She will show a flatter stomach, rounded rear, and slimmer thighs.
The Pituitary Type (P - Type) - With extra pounds she looks very childlike, baby fat all over, small breasts and angelic features. Rounded shoulders, rounded childlike tummy and rear. At her ideal weight she will have a more adult-looking figure, trim tummy and more defined shape to her rear.
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