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Rethinking Your Fridge for Weight Loss

Hi there,
I got the idea for this post from some recent changes I have been making to my own diet. I am about 17 weeks into my first pregnancy and making healthy food choices is not just for me anymore but also for our baby. I have included some of the tricks I have used with clients for years and some of my own through various studies and reading to optimize good food choices. I hope you enjoy and use these strategies for your own success.
Rethink Your Fridge
 The first step to making diet changes that will last, is to rearrange the first offender, your fridge. How you position your groceries can help shape the way you eat and the way you feel.
Strategic Shelving
At the grocery store they put all the junk at eye level so you can easily buy it. Since you are skipping that, you will make your sight line in your fridge and pantry full of only fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soups and other nutritious snacks. You’re 2.7 times more likely to eat healthy food if it is in your sight line, according to a Cornell University study. It is no mystery why manufacturers pay a premium to have their products put at eye level in stores, you are more likely to buy them.
Pack Smart
Use left over containers that have 2-3 compartments so you are packing leftovers into their own next meal. You will naturally eat less through this method. Having a variety of small containers tempts you to eat more than you planned.
Shop more, buy less
Instead of shopping in bulk, or for several weeks, plan your menus, then hit the supermarket and buy only what you need for those meals. An overload of choices at home, or in the aisles without a list may deplete your willpower. The Journal of Consumer Psychology published a study citing “people tend to reduce consumption when resources are scarce” which also means stick to their diet.
Hide the Junk
According to a Danish study, one in four participants who chose a healthy snack over an unhealthy one later reached for the junk anyway. So place the healthy stuff up front and center, and stash small guilty pleasures out of sight, or take them out of the kitchen altogether.
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