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2012 Weight Loss Tips

Best Weight Loss Tips for 2012
I cant go a day without having someone ask me about weight loss. What to eat/not eat, drink, some even realize exercise must be part of the equation. Other come to see me for their colonics and expect a magical wand of weight loss to be waved. As we all know, that doesn't happen Yes you can lose weight during a colonics. I personally lost 5 lbs and 3" from my mid-section on my last colonic. Of course I have been totally backed up since my vacation. This weight loss was maintained, but that is because my diet and hydration is also a priority and I include some fitness/activity into every day. No excuses on time or fatigue, I just find the time and get it done. Below I have listed 5 of my top tips for weight loss, follow them and you will achieve great results.
5). Drink water like you get paid to
Water is the one thing I encourage you to have as much as you want of. Why? Because drinking water regularly is extremely beneficial to your health, every aspect of it. In its most simple role, it’s keeping you away from other, not-so-healthy drinks like sugary juices, pop, coffee, etc., and in its more advanced function, it’s helping flush and detox your body of harmful and unwanted toxins. It also is the most effective hydrator of the body.
4). Find some accountability
When the only person you have to worry about disappointing is yourself, you’re much more likely to fail than you are if you have a whole group of people rooting for your success. It doesn’t matter who it is; you just need to find someone who’s going to hold you accountable for what you say you’re going to do. From what you’re eating to what you’re doing, you need to have goals lined up and someone to help support you when you’re struggling to meet those goals. If you don’t feel comfortable asking a friend or family member to do this for you, there are plenty of forums and support groups that you can find on the Internet for people who are looking for the same thing you are! I personally love the group at Clean Eating, visit http://www.eatcleandiet.com/; this is also a food program I highly recommend you follow when you are trying to lose weight. Tosca Reno has some amazing books with complete recommendations and procedures to follow. It will be the change you need and the answers you are seeking. Plus all of the success stories are awesome to read.
3). Eat smaller meals more often
This is one of those weight-loss tips that seems to pop up everywhere, but that should probably tell you something: it works! You should always eat within an hour of waking up, and then you should eat every 2-3 hours after that. When you eat smaller meals more frequently, your metabolism is forced to work more frequently, and thus, burn more calories. Not only will your food be digested and processed more effectively, you’ll feel more energetic throughout the day. The key is they type of food you eat. Obviously nothing from the vending machine will keep your metabolism revved. Whole foods are where it is at. You can get raw sprouted grains, avocados, veggies, fruit, soups and salads easily and you can also make them yourself. I always like to start my morning off with a filling smoothie and include some coconut oil and chia seeds for fat and fibre to keep me full longer.
2). Detox your body
While drinking plenty of water is certainly helpful to aide your body in flushing its toxins, it’s extremely important to detox your body in other ways in order to fully eliminate the waste and harmful toxins that build up over time. Even if you eat healthy and regularly exercise, you still need to detox frequently. We recommend colonics for the most effective body cleanse. Not only can you lose weight and inches, your therapist will guide you on the best solutions to those nagging digestive issues. We also offer lymphatic drainage to cleanse your cells and facilitate your detox metabolism. Our third method of detox is through the very controversial yet effective ion-foot cleanse detox. This is a nice relaxing method to allow toxins to purge from your body to where you see them in the bucket of water. Your therapist will be able to look at the water and tell you what areas are showing the greatest detox and cleansing. Using all-natural methods to detox your body is an easy and effective way to detox and achieve your health goals.
1). Make small, but realizable goals
I think the biggest mistake people (myself include) make is getting too excited or ambitious from the start only to realize the goals you made were too big, too quick. Don’t promise yourself that you’re going to go to the gym everyday or that you’re not going to have anymore junk food; goals like these are setting yourself up to fail. Failure leads to punishment and disappointment - not success tools. Instead, commit to getting your heart rate up for 20 minutes a day, three times a week. Commit to 10 minutes of fast paced activity every day. Commit to replacing half of your beverage choices with water. Commit to eating 4 servings of veggies and 3 servings of fruit each day. When you make smaller goals, the rewards may not come as quickly, but they will come and more importantly they will last!
Yours in Health,
The Mississauga Colonics Cleanse Team
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