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Detoxing for Radiant Health

Detoxing for Radiant Health
Research shows the average person is exposed to tens of thousands of toxins and environmental pollutants daily. As I have remarked in previous blogs, most people are exposed to between 500 and 1,000 chemicals and toxins every morning before leaving their home each day.
The U.S. Environmental Proteaction Ageny (EPA) reported that eighty-seven thousand new chemicals are being produced each year. Less than 10% of the chemicals in our environment have been tested and only partially tested for safety. There are no conclusive studies showing the effects of constant exposure to the cocktail of chemicals we ingest each day. We are the human experiments of what will happen with long term exposure to toxins. Our health, our children's health, and the health and future of our planet are all at the mercy of our ignorance and disregard.
Regular attention to detoxification is essential to prevent the long-term health consequences these chemicals have. What we do know so far from studies looking at changes in genes and chronic disease is that this exposure is killing us. Cancer, obesity, chronic fatigue, inflammatory diseases, headaches, loss of eye sight, autoimmune disorders and multiple sclerosis is just the short list of chronic and deadly outcomes of not cleansing.
Our normal metabolic functions are interupted by these chemicals becuase they mimic our hormones. This means we can no longer send the right messages for our normal day to day functions of repair and destroy carried out by our cells. This leads to genetic mutations and digestive impairment. Our children our born from our toxic bodies. They take on what we breathe, eat, dress with, wash with and drink.
Symptoms of Toxic Overload
The “love handles” and “stomach pouch” around your waist could actually be toxic-waste storage sites. Toxins may trigger inflammation, which is a huge health issue, being the primary cause of heart disease, Alzheimer`s, arthritis, asthma, and many other degenerative diseases. These are the areas of the body where most people have difficulty losing weight.  Could it bebecause most diets do not teach how to eliminate toxic over-load?  I believe the answer is a resounding YES. Inflammation is strongly related to the foods we eat, especially foods that are “acidic” in nature. Highly toxic people often exhibit the following:

·Chronic fatigue
·Heart disease
·Memory loss/ Brain fog
·Premature aging of skin
·Skin disorders
·Hormone Imbalances
·Emotional disorders
·Autoimmune disease
·Constipation and digestive disorders
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