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Colon Cleansing for Vibrant Health

Colon Cleansing for Vibrant Health - Your Guide
Due to the nature of my business and this website, I felt it was time to start blogging about my favourite topic and experience - Colon Cleansing. Many of my clients ask me how many sessions are necessary to fully cleanse the colon. This is a tough question to answer because it depends on various factors. The closer your sessions are to one another and the less solid food you take in; the more likely we can clean the colon . Obviously, if you eat solid food or leave days/weeks between your session we are really just helping to clean the terrain and reduce symptoms. As with all effective cleanses, attention to diet and hydration as well as breathing and exercises combined with detox practises is a recipe for success.
While colon cleansing is not the sexiest subject, the results achieved through it are truly exciting and benefit your whole body supporting both weight loss and great health.
The reality for most of us is that our colons (large intestines/ bowel) are congested. A through colon cleansing is a great way to boost your energy and vitality and overcome some common symptoms of ill health such as poor digestion, constipation, stomach pain, acid reflux, bloating, gas, candida (yeast),  irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, headaches, weight gain and low energy. If you want to lose weight quickly and easily, cleansing the intestinal tract is crucial.
Colon cleansing is often overlooked - and yet it is the most important step to take when it comes to losing weight, reshaping the body, flattening the abdomen, improving digestion, elimination and restoring health. The truth is when the colon is congested we can't properly digest, assimilate and then eliminate food and other ingested substances. The more congested it is, the more waste in the form of old fecal matter and mucous can lodge in the bowel lining; people can literally walk around with pounds of this congestion in them.
It's always a good idea to begin a detox with a through cleansing of the bowel before you move on to other organs; we call this opening the doorway of detox. When your body detoxifies, it dislodges poisons and toxins that have built up in the cells and tissues. Your body will pull toxins out of all their hiding places. These wastes are then deposited in the colon for rapid elimination, but if it's congested, the toxins get stuck. These toxins then sit in the bowel and are simply reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. These toxins can create more headaches, chills, illness, nausea, skin eruptions, weakness and other detox symptoms. This is why the elimination diet is key for starting a cleanse combined with one colonic a week during your cleanse.
Clogging vs. Cleansing Foods
Clogging Foods                                                 Cleansing Foods
- Refined flour products                                  - Vegetables
- Cheese                                                               - Fresh veg. juices
- Other dairy products                                      - Fresh whole fruit
- Meat                                                                    - Whole grains
- Trans fats                                                          - Legumes
- Sugar treats and desserts                            - Flaxseeds
- Snack foods                                                     - Most nuts
- Fast foods                                                         - Fresh herbs
                                                                               - Purified Water
                                                                               - Herbal teas
                                                                               - Fibre supplements
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