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Preparing Your Kitchen for a Cleanse: Necessities

Your kitchen will be the most important command post of your cleanse. Be prepared!
What to post and where to stay on track:
Post your cleanse calendar in your kitchen so you can see your start date and finish date. Post your Elimination Diet on the fridge for quick and easy reference. It is also a great idea to post your goals, or some motivational quotes that will keep you on track. 
Get your systems in place,
Make sure your pantry is clear of all packaged foods, tempting foods, and those not on your cleanse. Stock up on nuts, seeds and nut butters. These are great go to snack foods. Remember everything you do for yourself will benefit the others in your family. If you are the chef, adapt the meals as much as possible to fit your diet. It will take some getting used to for the others in your house. Give away or pack away any foods that may tempt you to stray.
Basic Essentials...
There are a few basic kitchen utensils that are going to be gold on your cleanse. These will all be important for maintaining your progress and benefits long after the cleanse. Obviously if you don't already have the following kitchen tools, you will want to make the investment. You will use them and they will give you great benefit.
1. A Blender - Smoothies and soups are a very important part of cleansing and whole food nutrition. My personal pick is the Vitamix high speed blender. It is the best on the market, although pricey. Usually you can get a demo model or refurbished machine for $479, another alternative and amazing blender is the Blend -Tec. Both of these blenders can make smoothies, purees, soups, sauces, salsa's etc.
2. A Juicer - Many people have an opinion on what the best juicer to get is and why. I say pick a great one, follow personal reviews, and make sure it is easy to clean. Brevelle is probably the most highly recognized maker of great easy to clean juicers. I personally have the Jack La lane power juicer. However I am not a huge juicer, and mine does have a lot of pieces to clean. I totally appreciate the benefits of juicing on a cleanse, I just hate wasting all that pulp.
3. A source of Pure Clean Water - Anyone on a cleanse or with any health concerns needs to invest in a proper water filtration system. I would first recommend a whole house filter, this will take care of drinking and shower water. These can range from around $700 - to over $1500. If this is not in your budget then get counter-top, or under the counter system that will filter our chlorine and fluoride from your tap water. You must also invest in a chlorine filter for your shower. You can meet both of these standards for well within a $200-$300 budget. Your filters will usually last up to 6 months. I recommend visiting www.gtawater.ca and find the best system for a great price. That is where I get my water filtration products from. Whatever system you choose, make sure you use this clean water for every washing and drinking action.
Finally, prepare a few food grade glass jars, you want to avoid the leaching of plastics into your clean menu. You can get a set of mason jars which are my favourite for soups and smoothies for around $6 - $10, clean them with pure water and green soap. Of course there are many glass food jars readily available now also. That's about it, your kitchen is now ready for you to have a successful cleanse.
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