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Starting your Cleanse - Elimination Diet

Elimination Diet - Starting Your Cleanse
The Elimination Diet, is a dietary program based on removing all of the foods from our diet known to cause allergies, food sensitivities, and cause disruptions in the digestive process. When our foods excite allergic reactions, our body uses more energy to address the inflammation, leaving us feeling tired, bloated, constipated, gassy and depressed following meals. Allergic reactions to foods can also lead to cravings for more food and weight gain. The energy used to deal with our food allergy ingestion takes away from our normal digestive processes, our detox and repair functions, and decrease our mental alertness and physical strength.
For those who find the Elimination diet a radical change in habits will have various reactions. In the short-term the effects could be uncomfortable ranging from irritability, headaches, fatigue or skin break outs. In the long-term most people experience amazing benefits from this cleanse. Improved sleep, increased energy, less food cravings, weight loss, improved stamina, decreased joint pain and more balanced moods. The first few days are the hardest, breaking habits is always difficult. But the rewards are worth the initial discomfort and challenges.
The link below will show you a clear and well laid out plan of what to eat, and what not to eat on the elimination diet. Print it out and put it onto your fridge. That will make it much easier to follow when you see the list everytime you go to eat. Also make your grocery list from the food list of what you can eat.
The Elimination Diet.pdf (PDF — 20 KB)
A great way to maximize your Elimination Diet experience is to choose two meals daily and one liquid meal. Often a smoothie with a protein sccop, some ground flax and fruit will be very filling, you can also add almond milk for a creamier taste. Your meals should be moderate in size, not too large and not too small. You want to eat until you are about 80% full, not stuffed and not starving.
You can definitely snack throughout the day, while on the diet. Just choose foods off the approved list. Fruit and veggies are the best choices. Snacks are great when you are truly hungry and not just eating out of boredom. Eat slowly and mindfully, never overstuff yourself. Keep your tummy slightly empty at every meal, this will ensure optimal energy and digestion every time you eat.
Remember this Elimination Diet is the preparation stage to have a successful cleanse. The more you 100% commit to following it, the better you will feel and the more effective you will find your cleanse to be. If you have any questions please post below or to our Facebook Page at Colonics Mississauga.
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