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Preparing Your Body

Stage 3 - Prepare Your Body: Eliminating Irritants
When detoxing and making big changes to your body and lifestyle; you must always build a foundation and start slowly. Work from the ground up and you will build success, going from zero to hero will have you feeling sick and deprived on a cleanse. This is why I recommend anyone embarking on a cleanse start with the Elimination Diet, to ease your body into the cleanse, by clearing out of your body foods and chemicals that you may be allergic or sensitive to and freeing up energy for detoxification.
Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins in Your Environment and Diet
Toxins in Your Environment
The following are common everyday sources of toxicity: car exhaust, gardening and lawn chemicals, dry-cleaning products, heating systems, air conditioning systems, chlorine in swimming pools and tap water, furniture with flame retardant, lead paint, cleaning products, waxes, aluminum in deodorant, fluoride in toothpaste, cosmetics, pots and pans coated with aluminum or teflon, electromagnetic radiation from electronics, and cell phones.
As you set up your kitchen, notice where in your home and work environments you are exposed to unnecessary toxins. The most obvious place to start is your household cleaning supplies. Read their labels and then donate them or dispose of them responsibly. You will not want to re-expose yourself to those harsh chemicals following your cleanse. When you go grocery shopping for your cleanse, also pick up one or two toxin-free home cleansers (Sevenths Generation makes a complete line). Over the next few weeks think about where and when you are exposed to the most common daily toxins. Your kitchen, your bathroom, laundry, your garage, in your car, as well as your work environment will likely contain a considerable number of toxic products. Avoid what you can, replace what you can, and consider how you can lower your daily exposure. Look on line for some of the many products and suggestions for lowering the toxins in your every day life.
Toxins in Your Diet
The duration of your preparation phase will vary, depending on the characteristics of your existing diet and lifestyle. The cleaner you and your diet are to begin with the shorter you should make your preparation stage.
  • If you have done some cleansing programs recently or follow a vegetarian/whole-food based diet with minimal meat, dairy, wheat and almost no packaged, canned or fast foods then just 3-4 days on the Elimination Diet is necessary.
  • One week is enough if you consider yourself an average eater, with a diet that typically contains some or all of the processed foods listed above. One week is the average amount of time people spend on the Elimination Diet before beginning a cleanse program.
  • Follow the Elimination Diet for two weeks before starting a cleanse if your diet includes a lot of fast food, boxed or packaged foods, sodas, junk food, and alcohol. You will get the maximum benefit if you follow this guideline.
What is the Elimination Diet? 

For many, the Elimination Diet is like entering an alternative universe of eating -- you remove most of the foods that you regularly eat and, instead, focus on foods that may be a little foreign to you.  Instead of telling you what you cannot eat, let's focus on you what you can:  The standard Elimination Diet consists of most fruits and vegetables, nuts, nut butters, beans, seeds, gluten free grains like rice and quinoa, fish, lamb, wild game meats, organic turkey, and lots of water.  It actually sounds more restrictive than it is since there are hundreds of foods to choose from -- they're just foods you're probably not used to making the mainstay of your diet.

Stay Tuned for Details on Completing the Elimination Diet
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