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Preparing Your Time and Kitchen

Prepare Your Life
This could be the best step you take during your cleanse to last a life time.  This step involves scheduling and preparing your home for cleansing. Doing a cleanse program at home has both its challenges and benefits. Obviously it is more finacially viable that going to a fasting retreat centre or spa; but it is also easy to fall into old habits. Changing habits is the most difficult task no matter what habits you are trying to change, changes in the way you eat and drink are some of the hardest. We often have food addictions, when we try to change and break them, we get moody, irritable, and start craving the things we are trying to quit. Although most cleanse programs address these issues nutritionally and biochemically, you have to be your own main support team. Setting up a schedule and system in advance, you will maximize your chances of success.
Put Clean on your Schedule
If you do not already have a pocket agenda, or electronic agenda GET ONE! Plan your cleanse during a month where there will be minimal parties, travel, and obligations. You are never going to find three weeks that are totally free, so make the best with what you can do; pre-plan for your cleanse. Always start on a weekend, you will have the time to prepare foods, go grocery shopping and establish a set plan for the week ahead. You will also be able to get through the first few adjustment days out of the workplace temptations. Too many changes at the same time are not only hard to handle but difficult to sustain, so try to start your program at a time when you are not going through any major life changes.
Pick your start date and put it on your calendar and agenda, this is your commitment start point. Remember you will be starting an elimination diet at least one week before starting your full cleanse. The elimination diet will help restructure your food choices and also curb sugar cravings. The elimination diet is your preparation phase, then mark out Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 on your agenda. Make appointments and add in some of the optional cleanse therapies like massage, clay baths, and colon hydrotherapy. Also remember to schedule in exercise, one of the most important components in your cleanse next to diet.
Setting up your Kitchen & Home
The command central of your cleanse is in the Kitchen. Most people rarely cook in their kitchen- they spend most of their money and time eating out. The challenge here is to use your kitchen, find the time to organize and prepare foods daily. For others, the kitchen is the hub of activity in the home and can be a huge source of temptation with the foods it is stocked with for other family members. After the first week, the temptation of these other foods will get easier, if you stick to your program. It will be difficult to sip your juiced/blended meals while preparing foods for your family. Anything you do for yourself, will also benefit your family.
First step is the pantry clean up. Look in the cabnets and drawers, what foods do you have in boxes, jars, bags, tubes and packages? Read the ingredients, familiarize yourself with what you were eating before, then throw away or give away whatever is not in alignment with the way you want and will be eating now. This should include anything that is going to tempt you to stray from your clean meals and snacks. You will need three basic essentials in your kitchen to complete the program.
1. A blender. Smoothies and soups are a very important part of a cleanse. I would suggest a high-speed blender like the Blentec and Vitamix.
2. A juicer. There are plenty of great affordable juicers on the market, look for one that is easy to clean; I like the Breville juicer.
3. A source of pur water. Anyone wanting to do the smallest part to clean up their life needs to increase their water consumption; but it must be pure clean water. Tap water today carries too many trace chemicals and impurities.I recommend a whole house filtration system, many are very affordable, and every drop of water you use will be clean and pure.
Prepare a few glass jars and glass containersso you are able to take liquid meals and your daily lunches with you to work and elsewhere. Find the nearest fresh food markets near you. In addition to buying the foods you need on your cleanse, remember to buy the foods that will help you when you have cravings like nuts and herbal teas.
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