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The Wellness Plan - Stage 1 of 3

The plan for wellness starts before you even begin your cleanse. This is your preparation stage. Planning the the most important stage, a quote that always comes to mind for me is "If you Fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail", and it is true. When you plan for your health you will see both growth and success. Plans help break the big stuff into achievable small steps. Your wellness plan should be broken into various stages.
Stage 1 - Preparing your Mind
Stage 2 - Preparing your Life
Stage 3 - Preparing your Body
Stage 1 - Prepare your mind - Ease into the program
Anytime you take on a new project it is important to spend time preparing and planning for it. It is good to have a schedule book or calendar that you can mark important dates, or track personal goals in. A cleanse program can range from simple to difficult, the more organized you are the more simple it becomes. If you take the time to prepare your mind, your schedule, your home and most importantly your body- before you start you will maximize your success. The next hurdle to overcome in preparing your mind is the guilt of failure. You are not perfect, and do not need to be perfect to cleanse. Most people look at the list of avoid foods, drinks and substances and feel defeated before they start. The most common thing I hear is "I can't do this, what will I eat if I don't have bread?" or "I think I will starve if I don't eat what I am used to"; these thoughts not only kill your confidence they put up a definite road block to even trying. If you forget or mess up once or twice it is not the end of the world, you just have to start over with a fresh resolve. Failure and mistakes are at least a sign that you have tried. Be kind to yourself, encourage yourself, set an intention and have some goals and rewards. Focus on the goals and intentions when you wake up and when you go to bed each night. You are worth it.
Stage 2 - Prepare your life, stay tuned for stage 2
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