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You Eat What You Are

The standard American diet, is overloaded with refined grains, sugars, engineered foods, and processed foods. These foods cause a roller coaster of cravings and energy swings- a key factor in both contributing to and maintaining our our modern toxic states.  
The foods most of you are eating every day are not only keeping you sick, but also addicted.
The standard diet is both contributing and maintaining your toxic state. Most people are aware of the phrase "You are what you eat"- the quality of the food you eat directly relates into the quality of how you feel and look. No truer words are spoken in health, the foods and drinks you choose each day become the building blocks of your body; the compounds the body makes from food are what it uses to build your bones, muscles, tissues, and enzymes that fund your chemistry. You literally are what you eat.
You eat what you are, means if you feel sluggish, toxic and slow; you are typically eating and craving foods that contribute to you being in that state. When your body is healthy you crave healthy foods, and you do not crave unhealthy foods.
Mucous is another sure sign of toxicity. Craving toxic food is a classic sign of a toxic state. Toxins that the body cannot process immediately continue in the circulatory system and get stored for later getting trapped in the tissues and joints. These stored toxins become covered with mucous as a way for the healthy cells to defend themselves. Mucous is a dense and sticky sunstance; it resonates with and attractsdense toxic thoughts and emotions. When you cleanse you help to reduce the accumulation of mucous because you are eliminating the foods that cause it. As you provide the healthy nutrients your body is looking for, your natural ability to regenrate and heal is reactivated and your adrenal strength is resotred. You will find yourself craving for healthy, fresh foods, which carry the energy of life.
Getting Started
Cleansing will incorporate five essential functions of detoxification.
1. Reduce the workload of digestion. By reducing toxic foods, quantity of food ingested per meal, and allergy responses take a huge energy toll and contribute to a "dull" feeling. Consuming less solid food and leaving out irritants lead to a reallocation of energy to the processes of detoxification.
2. Remember the twelve-hour window. The signal to enter detox mode starts, about eight hours after your last meal. The typical body needs around four hours to do a deep cleaning. Few people get this because we snack and drink late into the evening and often stay up past 10 pm.
3. Rebuild your inner environment. When your acidity is lowered, the intestinal flora is rebalanced to favor good bacteria, your intestinal wall gets a chance to heal. Creating a stable balanced environmentreduces cravings for the foods that cause toxicity, which supports long-term maintenance of your health.
4. Support for the liver. Nutrieints on your cleanse will be specifc to helping the liver perform phase 1 and 2 functions to effectively keep you safe and clean.
5. Enhance elimination. Once toxins are released and then neutralized, they must be eliminated from the body along with their mucous coating. Cleansing will techniques, practices and procedures to help enhance all of the elimiation channels: skin, lungs, kidneys, liver and bowels.
On a cleansing program you will experience just what happens when your body is given back the iniate abilities to heal that you were born with.
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