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The Bionic Burger - Not a Whole Food

Day 1 - Decifering Whole Foods
I am sure it is ultra obvious that synthetic and packaged foods are not part of a whole food program. A lot of people are confused as to what a whole food is, or more specifically what it is not. Many people also confuse fast foods, and restaurant foods as whole foods. So let me be specific.
A whole food is one that is in it's closest form to how nature first produced it. Your whole foods include: Fruit, Vegetables, Grains such as Oats, Quinoa, Whole Grain Rice, Beans/Legumes, Eggs, Nuts and Seeds. Everything else is some how processed, refined, cooked or altered from the way nature produced it. Not all foods that are altered for consumption are bad for you; they just are not whole foods. Obviously to eat a walnut or coconut you need to crack their outter shell to consume the highly nutritious insides. Also you cannot cut into a chicken without processing it for consumption. By the end of week 1 we will have transitioned away from all meat foods. But for the first four days fish, eggs, chicken and lamb are all acceptable.
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The World's First Bionic Burger
True story about a man who's been saving hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and Big Macs from McDonalds for over 18 years... and they look EXACTLY the same! Visit http://BionicBurger.com orhttp://www.TheBes...
No beef or pork products are consumed beginning day one onward. I will discuss the various protein alternatives and options to integrate on day 4 to make sure you maintain muscle and burn fat as a fuel.There are many reasons meat, dairy and pork are eliminated from the 21-day cleanse program. Conventional dairy, poultry and pork products are raised in cramped facilities, often lame or disabled by the time they go to slaughter, they are fed filler foods to fatten them up and have been pumped full of synthetic hormones and antibiotics throughout their short lives. The average life span of a cow in it's natural habitat without milking is 15 years, on a farm that cow will be milked to death by age 7 and sent to slaughter. A market pig would ideally be ready to ship for slaughter at under four months. A producing sow or producing boar would have a useful life of about five years. If a pig is fed properly and housed properly, it could live to be twenty or more years. Chickens also suffer the same fate, that is why we recommend eating only organic meats. At least you know they were fed and treated humanely. Milk is so heavily pasteurized the taste and end product more closely resembles sugar than the original milk product that was originally captured from the cow. This video on the bionic burger should give you an idea of just how unnatural a hamburger can be, add how dog, beef patty and chicken burgers to that same list. Fast food goes no where good and not fast at all. Watch the video on the Bionic Burger for a glimpse of what you put in your body when you pick up a fast food burger.
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