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21 Days to a Cleaner You!

Detox programs are now a dime a dozen, this makes it harder for people to find the right cleanse for them. You can do a 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 21-day and even up to 40 days on a cleanse. What determines how long of a cleanse you will need? Well really this is best determined by evaluating your current state of health. There are many methods with which to evaluate this. An easy subjective method is to evaluate your answers to the following questions.
1. Do you have more than one bowel movement a day?
2. Do you drink 8-10 glasses of water daily?
3. Do you eat 2-3 servings of fruit daily?
4. Do you drink tap water?
5. Do you eat 3-6 or more servings of raw & cooked vegetables daily?
6. Do you feel tired after eating or crave sweets/sugars?
7. Do you eat meat at 2 or more meals daily?
8. Do you exercise 30 minutes 3 or more times/week?
9. Do you eat organic fruits and vegetables?
10. Does most of your diet come from processed, packaged food sources, or take out?
Your answer to those ten questions gives any qualified health practitioner and especially a nutritionist a good view into daily habits that indicate health or dis-ease promotion. Most people for their first cleanse need a coach; especially if they are going to try to embark on a 21-day cleanse. Some very organized and motivated people can do a short 3-day or 5-day cleanse on their own. Most cleanses found in your local health store work fine for a short duration. You wont get earth shattering results or changes, but the right cleanse can certainly get you eating healthier, drinking more water and feeling more energized.
The 21-day cleanse is a life changing program. The goal in the program is to not only detox your body, but also your cupboards, your mind and your plate. Over the next 21 days I will guide you through diet changes, how to do it, what to replace, and how you may feel. I will also suggest various support methods of detoxing like rebounding, skin brushing, salt baths, saunas, meditation, activity and deep breathing exercises. You might be wondering why you might need 21-days to cleanse your body. Well most people can establish new habits with repetition over 14-days. Studies show that to make those new habits into routine an extra 7 days is the most significant predictor of making a habit into a regular routine. Yes a cleanse will change the way you see, feel, think, use and interact with food, friends and family. You will gain control over cravings, habits, your energy levels and your life.
It is important to read each post in order so that you can follow the whole program. Read all 21-days once they are up. Don't attempt to follow day to day with my posts because you want to have all the right information to make your cleanse successful. The first week will be focused on initiating diet changes. Some will seem simple, some may seem drastic and others may seem totally out in left field. Bear with me and you will see how it all fits and flows perfectly, to allow you the greatest success. Week 2 will integrate supportive cleansing activities, more diet changes and elimination as well as information on how to cope with some emotions and reactions you might experience. Once we begin to open and support the channels of detoxification you may begin to lose weight, have more skin break outs, headaches, fatigue and mood swings. This is all part of your bodies mechanisms to maintain it's comfort zone and heal. Even though you may feel like your body is resisting the change if you stick with it you will totally come out happier. The 3rd week is the best week for most people. You have more normal and steady energy levels and moods, you feel more motivated to work out and surround yourself with like minded healthy people. You may even detox some negative people from your life to maintain your new and improved self. By day 21 some of you will not even recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror. Your eyes will shine and sparkle, your skin will be healthier. you will have lost weight and you will be happier and more connected to your inner self.
Join me over the next 21-Days and learn the benefits of a complete detox and cleanse for yourself.
Marlena Roe CNP
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