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Does the Cafeteria Diet contribute to Obesity?

Investigators are always searching for the cause of the obesity epidemic. There is a simple place to look when determining where diets become undermined, and from an early age. The greatest contributor to teenage and adult obesity is something that can be easily called the "cafeteria diet".
The Cafeteria diet is composed of mostly processed foods, fried food, processed meat products, dairy products, white flour or white pasta and sugars. Very rarely is the caf diet centered around fresh vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, beans, and fruit. Whole food is somewhat of a foreign concept in the cafeteria. As teens, parents and adults it is not only more economically sound to pack and bring your own lunch, but it is also the most healthy option. Studies show when you pack your own lunch you eat less, feel more satisfied and will include more whole foods. The cafeteria diet remains the quickest and most effective way of producing dietary obesity and metabolic syndrome (diabetes) in children and adults.
One study accidently stumbled across the results of convenient food in relation to obesity. They were looking at creating a novel way of accurately measuring food intake. Investigators created an "automated food selection system" consisting of two large vening machines offering a variety of prepared packaged foods. The study subjects immediately began consuming excessive calories. Over the course of just 7 days the participants gains on avaerage 5.1 pounds (source Whole Health SOurce Sept. 24, 2011). 
Choose your health wisely by choosing your lunch mindfully. Remember that among all of your meals and snacks in a day you want to aim for 5-7 servings of fruid and vegetables combined and at least 2 whole grains and 2 servings of lean protein. Your best best is to buy your food in it's most raw and natural form. That is considered a whole food. The cleaner you eat, the cleaner your body.
Marlena Roe CNP  
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