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The rule of 80/20

Good evening,
Well tonight is the eve of my wedding, well 30 mins. left to that. I probably should be getting my beauty sleep; but I am really pretty excited. I was thinking today as I was finishing my errands and details, and forgetting everything else about the 80/20 rule. Most of my clients think I must be an absolute saint when it comes to my health. I feel no shame in admitting that I am certainly now. Of course I do my best most of the time to take good care of myself, exercise, breathe, de-stress, drink water and eat fresh whole foods. But I just like everyone else am human. I have a life, friends, events and occasions to go to. Yes I am a vegetarian, so that helps me to eliminate a lot of foods that would be processed and pack on the pounds; but hey lets not forget deserts are all vegetarian. I do try to avoid dairy products and packaged foods as well as grains, but I still have the odd slip up.
Some of you may have red 80/20 above and be wondering what the heck that means. Well it is actually in refernce to a few areas of health. Essentially 80% of the time you commit yourself to eating fresh, healthy, water rich whole foods, exercise, hydration, clean thoughts and good sleep. 20% of the time you throw your hands up in the air and enjoy whatever is your fancy. This principle also refers to 80% alkalizing foods and 20% acidifying foods. Obviously you want to consume more alkalizing foods because they help stabalize your health, prevent disease and strengthen your life. In nutrition and all things in life there must be balance. You might look at an 80/20 ratio and say; well hey that is not balanced. But when you understand the effect that 20% has on your longevity, energy and health you realize that 80% healthy foods is a necessity and balance to 20% poor food choices.
80/20 also refers to destressing activities and stressful activities. I did speak a bit about stress saying you really do not need it. To clarify the point, a little stress is always going to be present; it is what gets us out of bed and moving forward with our lives. However it is certainly not necessary to have a lot of stress ever. Hey Sa-rah Sa-rah is the best diddy of life. Yes I said diddy, because laughter is awesome too. Find 80% of your day laughing and you will spend the other 20% looking for more to laugh at. If you do not love your life and live it to it's fullest it, life, will slowly kill you. Happy and fulfilled people enjoy their lives well into old and older age; they do not suffer the degenerative decline most other people do. If you treat your body, mind and spirit with love and affection; nourish it, laugh, breath, water your body, and never get bored with yourself or life you will feel fulfilled until the day you die. Keep your purpose strong and centred; prevalent in every thought, word and action you take. You only get one self; be the best to that self you can. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. Self-love is the best you can do for yourself.
Namaste from my heart to yours,
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