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Stress, What is it Good for?

Absolutely nothing!
That's right, I said it; Stress is good for nothing. Stress is an invention of modern day society. Really to think we are more stressed with our lives than people living 50-100 years ago is truly egomanical. We are not stressed, we choose to over fill and over commit in our lives. Many of my friends and clients ask how I stay so cool and calm. Well I really don't sweat the small stuff.
In helping assist in planning my upcoming wedding this Saturday (I gave the planning job to my fiance), I started getting overwhelmed thinking of what had to be done. Then I took a moment to sit back and say "Do I really need to worry about this?". Upon further consideration, the answer was NO! Getting stressed our and finger picking the details is redundant. I think this applies to every day life also. A simple life is the best life. That means to me, we need to stop trying to perfect the details and enjoy the experience. Mistakes will happen, things will inevitably go "wrong", and at the end of the day your choice is to laugh and do it all again, or cry and wish it all away. No matter what the circumstance I never cry and wish any day away.
Stress is not only a problem emotionally, but it also becomes a problem spiritually and physically. Because I specialize in digestive health & nutrition I will focus my chat there. Many people suffering with either chronic constipation, or IBS symptoms are stressed out. Some internalize their stress and try to do everything themselves and never ask for help (constipation). This temperment leads to resentment. When you take on everything and never allow others to look after it for you, you are saying I don't need you. Really what you mean to say is; I could use the help I just don't trust you will do the right job. Well you can be right, or you can be constipated.
With IBS it is almost the opposite experience. You are a leader and delgator, but you are always looking for the next task. You also expect everything to be done your way, or the highway. Micro managing your life, your jobs and the world around you is not only frustrating it is futile. The most sureal experience in life is to realize that we do not control anything, so stop trying to control everything. This will help you to cool down and enjoy the details and the accomplishments. You can be right or you can be happy, the choice is always yours.
The bowels innervate with every emotion and system of your body. To cleanse your emotions it is essential to cleanse your colon. When we get worked up and backed up, or chronic flushing (IBS) and cramping our body is signaling us that our emotional state is toxic and our inner body is toxic. Take a moment everyday to breath deep and stop everything. Stop your mind, stop your hands, stop your feet; focus on silence for just one minute each day. Your health will begin to restore and you will start to make that one minute into two mintes then three. Peace only comes when we release all of our expectations. It sounds odd but colonics help to bring you to that place of peace. A gentle method to help you release all the stored up expectations and let them flush out. This gives you a cleaner inner state, so your outter state can reflect.
Namaste from my heart to yours.
I wish you Peace and you will have Health from the Inside Out!
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