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How Do I Get Started?
Very little preparation is necessary. 
Please do not eat any solid food 2 hours prior to your appointment, nothing 1 hour before. 
AVOID: meat (chicken, beef, pork), white flour products, alcohol, pop, sushi and spicy foods the day before and  the day of your appointment. 

24 hours before your colonic it is beneficial but not necessary to do a fruit &/or vegetable fast. 
If you cannot consume a lot of fruit for health reasons then just do vegetables. Eat as much and as many different fruits & vegetables as you are hungry for and drink lots of water & herbal teas. You can blend these up into delicious smoothies.
This fasting period helps to soften and hydrate the contents of the bowel for an effective cleanse. 
Do a vegetable only fast instead if you have issues with candida and parasites. The best way to prepare the foods is steamed, in soups and smoothies or juicing. Cooked eggs and cooked fish are fine on the day of your session or afterwards.

For a deep cleanse we recommend booking 2 - 3 colonics 3-10 days apart. 

We recommend fruit, vegetables, smoothies, soups, salads, cooked eggs and cooked fish following your session. Avoid whey or soy protein powders. Eat lightly and drink 2 liters or more of filtered water, fresh fruit juices and herbal teas, please avoid coffee, carbonated beverages & dairy products on the day of your colonic (before & after). We also recommend bringing fruit, veggies or we offer a smoothie for $5, to have a simple and healthy snack following your session.
Many people report feeling lighter and a greater sense of well being after just one colonic. Occasionally after your first colonic you could feel tired and it is a good idea not to schedule stressful activities. We recommend you do not do any strenuous exercise or hot yoga on the day of your colonic.

Following your session we suggest a small light meal or snack. Avoid large or heavy meals, whey & soy protein powders, caffeine & alcohol or dairy afterwards, your body is still cleansing following your session.

For most people who have 1 bowel movement or less daily it is not uncommon to go more than 24-36 hours before your next bowel movement after a good colonic flush. This is a more accurate measurement of your transit time as your colonic helped flush out the accumulated waste matter in the lower portion of your bowel. So if it takes 2 or more days you know you need another colonic ASAP and your therapist will indicate that this shows us weak muscle tone in the bowel as well as lack of fiber and proper hydration to stimulate bowel movements.
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Angel of Water Colon Hydrotherapy session, colonics, bowel cleansing
Your first session, will be approximately 1 hour 15 minutes long. It includes 45 mins. of cleansing time for your colonic, 15 mins. of consultation and orientation before your session and 15 mins. for preparation time before and after your session. COST: $120
Follow-up sessions are 1 hour long, with a brief review of your health and experiences between sessions. We will give you a probiotic following your session. It is recommended that you purchase at least a 30 day supply of probiotics with 10 - 50 Billion live cultures to take daily following your colonic. This will help to re-populate your bowel with healthy bacteria and re-establish your bowel health and also assists in decreasing bloating and improving bowel regularity. 
We sell an amazing 50 Billion probiotic with enzymes, 120 capsules (2 month supply) for $50 in clinic.
Please see our services and pricing page for our colonic packages.
We would be happy to discuss the Colon Hydrotherapy procedure with you. Please feel free to call us for a private consultation at no charge or to answer any additional questions you may have.
Open System vs. Closed System of Colonics

There are two kinds of Colon Hydrotherapy Systems.  An open and a closed system. Our clinics only use the “open system” for colon cleansing. An open system infuses the bowel with water via gravity, through a small rectal nozzle that is ¼” in diameter, lubricated and self-inserted 1.5" into rectum.

                                                   Fecal matter is expelled into a reservoir passing around the nozzle that remains in place during the session and flows down the drain. With this system the client inserts their own nozzle. On the Angel of Water, the fecal matter flows through the view tube before being flushed down into the sewer system. The Angel of Water, open system for colon hydrotherapy allows the client to have both their privacy and dignity maintained throughout their session. This aspect has really helped men embrace this therapy for their health as well as women. Your therapist may also do massage or acupressure for you during your session to help facilitate comfortable bowel movements. During a single session you will go through 14 -16 gallons of purified water. Water gently fills the bowel stimulating the urge to eliminate, when you have this feeling you simply push (like you would on the toilet) and the fecal matter passes around the nozzle and down the drain. You will have this sensation many times throughout the 45 min. session. By the end of your session you will typically feel lighter and more energized.
A “closed system”, on the other hand infuses the water into the bowel under pressure through a rectal speculum that is 1 1/2” inches in diameter, inserted 1.5" into the rectum by the therapist exposing your rear end. The therapist inserts the nozzle or speculum and the speculum is held in place to the rectum by the therapist during the entire procedure. The therapist must increase pressure in the bowel by monitoring the water flow in, and then releasing the tube or pressure to allow you to passively move stool. The fecal debris is then evacuated through the same speculum and is discharged through a viewing tube into the toilet or sewer connection. You will typically go through 16 - 20 Gallons of water as there is a lot of wasted water flowing with this system. At the end of your session the therapist will remove the speculum and you must make your way to a toilet to continue your elimination on the toilet. Both systems are effective – it’s just a matter of personal preference and privacy.
Modern colon hydrotherapy equipment such as the Angel of Water (pictured below), is manufactured through compliance with strict FDA guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability.  The FDA registered equipment features temperature monitored water and back flow prevention valves, pressure and temperature sensors and a water purification unit.  All of our equipment is disinfected with a hospital grade disinfectant after each client. We take your health and safety seriously and make sure that you are comfortable and safe for every session.
How many Colon Hydrotherapy sessions do I need?
A single colon hydrotherapy session can produce the same results as having numerous regular bowel movements. Eliminations during follow-up sessions can be even more significant as older, putrefied feces are eliminated from the colon walls.  To achieve optimal cleansing benefits it is recommended that you have a series of twelve (12) sessions.  Two the first week (back-to-back), two the second week again (back-to-back) and then one a week for eight weeks.  This protocol is not feasible for everyone, start with one and we will do our best to advise you based on your experience and ours. After the initial series of sessions are completed the number of treatments varies depending on the individual. It is generally advised to have a colonic every four to six weeks in order to maintain the benefits achieved during your first colon cleanse. We have put together a variety of packages to help make maintaining your health with colon therapy affordable and achievable. A healthy bowel is essential to a healthy life and a vibrant body.
Is Colon Hydrotherapy Habit Forming?
Colon hydrotherapy retrains the muscle of the bowel to regain its strength.  After a series most individuals regain normal bowel function of at least one movement a day.  A healthy bowel however, may have two to three solid bowel movements a day, depending on what you eat.  We do not use chemicals or additives to stimulate the bowel only clean purified natural water If you have issues with achieving regular bowel movements your therapist may recommend supplements or dietary changes to help strengthen and support you in achieving your cleansing and health goals.
Colon hydrotherapy plants the seed for a healthier you to blossom and grow.
  • One colonic may be the equivalent of 7 or more regular bowel movements.
  • The average person may be carrying up to 10 pounds of fecal matter in their colon.
  • Improper diet, lack of exercise, stress, ignoring the call of nature and inadequate hydration (drinking less than 2L of water daily) can lead to problems in the colon.
  • A healthy colon should be eliminating waste every 12-16 hours or 1-2 times per day. A healthy normal bowel movement is smooth solid, med-light brown and approx. 8-12 inches long.
  • Auto intoxication can be linked to almost every modern disease. Auto intoxication happens from within and from a congested colon.
A clean colon means improved digestion, better absorption of nutrients, increased energy, improved mental clarity and a general overall improvement of health. No cleanse, weight loss program or dietary changes are complete with out colon cleansing through colon hydrotherapy. You cannot plant a seed without adding water to watch it grow. Colonics are the water to nourish the seeds of your health.

Potential Risks:
Case reports suggest colon hydrotherapy may cause abdominal cramping,stomach paindiarrheanausea and vomiting. More-severe complications may include perforating the bowel, serious infectionselectrolyte imbalanceskidney problems and heart failure.

Medical Disclaimer:  As a Certified Colon Therapist I am not a medical doctor. I do not use any medical diagnosis or treatment procedures. The services provided by colon hydrotherapists are at all times restricted  to consultation on the subject of nutritional matters or the sensitivities to various substances. All therapy is done for educational or experimental purposes only and does not involve diagnosing, curing, prognosticating, treatment or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of disease or any act, which will constitute the practice of medicine in this province in which a license is required. All suggestions (if any) regarding herbs or nutritional matters are based on historical and traditional use. By choosing to receive colonics you assume all personal liability of risk associated with the procedure as detailed above and in the FAQ section.
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