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 Pricing & Current Promotions
Our services are covered under most extended health benefit plans. We are pleased to offer coverage under Naturopathy. Please let us know prior to, or following your session that you would like us to issue you a receipt for your insurance.
We have put together various packages to help you budget for your health. Colon therapy is a necessary part of a healthy whole lifestyle. We recommend you start with your first session, and then based on your experience and therapists recommendations you can choose the package that is right for you. We value you as our client and we will do our best to accommodate you and your needs.
You can email your therapist at appointment@mississaugacolonics.com
Please use our online booking system to book your appointment, quick, easy and complete.

Current Promotions


2 COLONICS FOR $100 Cash only in clinic. 
If it is your first session and you want the 2 colonic promotion pay $55 on booking and the balance in cash at your first session.
3 COLONICS FOR $185 can be covered under extended health plans can only be purchased in clinic

Limit of 1 per person for promotion. First colonic promotion for new clients only. The 2 or 3 session promotion can be purchased by any client 
1 of those promotions annually. Only the 3 session is eligible for ND coverage.

 Lymph Massage ADD ON 
BEFORE or AFTER your colonic for $25

Regular Colonic Prices & Packages 
Single Session $100
Four Sessions $300
Six Sessions $440
Eight Sessions $560
Twelve Sessions $800 
All of our regular priced packages above are eligible for coverage under your extended health plan with Naturopathic Consultation. Prices do not include taxes.

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