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3 to 7 day Colon Cleansing Juice Fast

Juice Fasting to Optimize Colon Cleansing with Colonics
As we sail through a hot beautiful summer, I am always reminded how good a deep cleanse feels. Summer and Fall are the best times to experience the benefits and rewards of juice fasting. This post is going to detail the optimal diet for the deepest colon cleanse.
My client's constantly ask how long it will take for the colonic to clean the entire colon. I always tell them unless you are on a liquid diet or juice fast, the goals is simply to remove current matter, hydrate and regain muscle tone in the bowel. So here is the opportunity for my readers and clients to follow a liquid cleanse program and get the most of their sessions in healing and rejuvenating the body. There are just too many benefits of following this cleanse to list here. Do the cleanse and submit your benefits in our comments section.
Colonics should be done the evening before you begin or on Day 1, Day 3 or 4 and Day 7 this will give a deep internal cleanse and help flush out the toxins your body will be releasing.
Juice Fasting Ingredients:
3L of Filtered or Kangen water daily
Liquid Chlorophyll (mint or unflavoured)
Organic pureed soups or vegetable broth (low sodium) one per day
Liquid Calcium with Magnesium
Vitamin. C 1,000 mg/capsule (capsules or in powder)
Renew Life Probiotic Capsule 50 Billion
Digestive Enzymes Vegetarian Capsules
Norweigean Cod Liver Oil (flavoured is fine)
Chlorella tablets or capsules
Herbal green teas any flavour is fine (dry leaves only)
Cleansing Drink Ingredients
20 ounces of Kangen or Filtered Water (2.5 cups)
5 ounces of organic apple juice
1 tbsp Bentonite clay
1 rounded tsp of Flora Fibre or Fiberrific powdered fibre supplements (psyllium free)
1tbsp apple cider vinegar
1tsp Raw Honey or Organic Maple Syrup
1 L Mason Jar
Add all of the above ingredients into a 1L glass mason jar. Shake vigorously and drink this will be done 5x/day. Have two extra jars one for the dry ingredients and another for the wet to be able to mix if at work. Or simply prepare enough mix to take with you and have throughout the day. If you have a colonic scheduled take the cleansing drink 15 to 20 mins. before your session.
Flaxseed Tea
1 rounded tsp of whole flaxseeds
1 1/4 cups of water
Bring the water and flaxseed mixture to a boil, let sit until cooled then enjoy.
You can make an entire days worth, just store any remainder in a glass jar in the fridge and re-warm for drinking.
Daily Schedule for the Seven-Day Cleanse
7:00 am Start the day with dry skin brushing. Follow with the Cleansing Drink and a shower.
8:30am Take the following supplements with flaxseed tea and 2 tbsp of liquid calcium-magnesium:
8 vitamin. C capsules
5 digestive enzyme capsules
16 Chlorella tablets or capsules
1tsp liquid chlorophyll in a glass of water
1 Probiotic capsule
10:00am Have a Cleansing Drink
11:30am Take the same supplements as 8:30am but with herbal tea or diluted apple juice.
1:00pm Have a Cleansing Drink
2:30pm Take the same supplements as the morning but with herbal tea.
4:00pm Have a Cleansing Drink
5:30pm Take the same supplements as a.m., but with flaxseed tea
7:00pm Have a Cleansing Drink
7:30pm Take an enema if possible
9:30pm Take 2 tbsp of liquid calcium-magnesium and 2 tbsp cod liver oil, then retire for the night. Bedtime should be no later than 9:30/10pm for healing and cleansing benefits.
If you feel hungry any time of the day warm a cup of broth or pureed vegetable soup to eat no more then 2 servings/day.
If the above schedule and preparation seems too difficult you are not quite ready for this deep cleanse. Colonics should be done the evening before you begin or on Day 1, Day 3 or 4 and Day 7 this will give a deep internal cleanse and help flush out the toxins your body will be releasing. If you have an enema kit at home you can do an enema each night in addition to the above colonic regimen. I have done this cleanse and the results are AMAZING!! I was able to restore my bowel regularity and eliminate an ongoing low grade candida/parasite infection following this cleanse.
I will also add a post on the transition diet to follow after you have completed the 7-day juice fast. Best of luck,
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