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Fabulous Abs - Lose Your Gut

Finding that perfect path to a flat tummy seems always just so unattainable. But I assure you, with the right program, dedication, diet and exercise you can loose the flab hiding the muscles in your mid-section. If you want a full program with detailed menu plans and exercise I encourage you to pick up the book The Abs Diet for Women, read it cover to cover then challenge yourself to that fit and fantastic physique you deserve. In this blog post I am going to detail the Abs Diet Guidelines in 6 Steps.
1. Eat Six Times a Day.
The key concept here is "energy balance" - how many calories you are burning vs. how many you are taking in. If you keep your hourly surplus or deficit within 300 to 500 calories, you will be able to lose fat and add lean muscle mass. If you eat just 3 times daily you are creating energy imbalances. Alternate larger meals with smaller meals and frequent snacks, aim to eat something every two to three hours.
2. Make Powerfoods your Diet Staples.
A power food is a food with the best sources of protein, fiber, and all the ingredients and nutrients that help fight fat. Just follow these guidelines with the powerfoods listed below the 6 steps.
  • Incorporate 2-3 of these foods into each of your meals, and at least one into your snacks.
  • Diversify your meals to get the best comination of protein, carbs, and fat.
  • Add a little protein into each snack.
3. Have Smoothies on a Regular Basis.
Smoothies can act as meal substitutes and potent nutrient rich snacks. Mix almond milk, greek yogurt or plain organic yogurt, ice and protein powder plus one or two foods from the powerfoods and you have a great nutritious meal or snack that takes little time and preparation to whip up. Just make sure you consume only an 8 oz. portion and not 16 or 24 oz.
4. Stop Counting.
The 12 powerfoods in a way will count your calories for you. They will keep you healthy and satisfied. However you still must be reasonable with portion control especially with nut butters and rice cakes/breads & rice when you choose to have them. A good rule of thumb: stick to one or two servings per food group and confine the contents of each meal to a 9" plate. Choose any colour of plate besides red or orange as they stimulate appetite. I like simple small white plates.
5.Know what to Drink.
Drinking 10-12 glasses of water each day has huge benefits. It keeps you satisfied and hydrated blocking the hunger signal; if flushes waste (including brocken down fats) from your body, and it helps transport nutrients to your muscles and whole body to keep your metabolism running strong. If you want a little more flavour in your water make natural iced tea with some dried green tea leaves or flavored green tea (I like pomegranite white tea, or lemon green tea leaves). You can use this as your water count for the day, just make sure you get at least 4 cups of just water with lemon each day also.
6. One Meal / Week Forget the Guidelines.
Life and healthy eating even to lose weight is all about balance. You cannot be 100% perfect 100% of the time. So give yourself this freebie once a week as reward for balancing your schedule with good food nutrition and exercise. If you are not exercising then you haven't earned the freebie day. Movement is essential to health, life and a fit body.
12 Powerfoods to Consume
  • Almonds and other nuts
  • Beans and legumes
  • Spinach and other green veggies
  • Dairy substitutes like almond milk, or organic plain yogurt/ greek yogurt
  • Oatmeal unflavoured/unsweetened
  • Eggs
  • Turkey and other lean meats
  • Peanut or other nut butters
  • Olive oil, fish or flax and coconut oils
  • Whole Grains (only if you are not grain/gluten sensitive)
  • Extra Protein (raw vegan proteins, or whey if you have no dairy sensitivities)
  • Berries of all kinds fresh and frozen
You can have the body you desire, even if it is the one you already have. If you wish to stay in the same shape and same size; change nothing. However if you wish to look younger, have mmore energy and flaunt a healthy sexy body; then it takes time, commitment and work. You can do all those things and more, you just have to want it bad enough!
Choose Health and Happiness will always Follow.
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